Window Tinting Experts

About Us

Tinting Tech is the family owned company in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in professional commercial, residential, and vehicle window tinting since 1989. Our passion is to create safety, protected and highly convenient environment at your place of living, your business office or vehicles you are driving.

Why Tinting Tech?

Energy efficiency is big business these days; don’t let your money go out the window. It’s a proven fact that up to 50% heat comes in through your windows.  Best brands of window film will reduce heat, block glare and prevent fading.  Most commercial appliciations will realize payback in as little as 2 years.  Up to 84% heat reduction.


How to choose the right window tint company? Here is the very interesting thing: many people refer to our service as “window tint” this term can sometimes be misleading because many of today’s window tints are clear. These films can be almost imperceptible once applied if window darkening is not desirable. However, the opposite may true for many Oregon and Washington businesses who may want their window tint to be dark or even reflective. We have these types of film too. Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you a comprehensive explanations about your window tinting needs.